The last couple of days were pretty chilled, Saturday night had my best female friend’s (Cassie) 17th birthday party at hers. Possibly got extremely drunk.. the next morning I had the most amazingly shit hangover, i couldn’t do anything for a good 4 hours.

Finally me, miller, cassie and reed ended up going to marion to play at intencity. Getting there some little shits said ‘oh the whole thing is booked for us only’ so we had to leave. We ended up bowling which was pretty fun, I started off shit then stole all of cassies skill and got about 5 strikes. Eventually we managed to get back to intencity which had reopened. And the wicked thing was they had forgottern to reset half the machines which meant we got to play for free on most of them for 3 hours :P

I spent most of it on Initial D.. a drifting game, which I also got a free memory card or License as they print out as. My s15 is on its way to be sick haha. Except I think i broke the machine :P

I reckon we ripped them off for a good 200 bucks or more. such a good weekend.

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